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About Us

A group of motivated and enthusiastic professionals having experience in industry and academics in the area of energy and environment laid the foundation to KANCHI POWER SOLUTIONS(KPS). KPS strives to excel in harnessing renewable energy that would cater to the growing energy needs of the country.

"Growing gap in meeting energy needs is a serious issue today. Finite energy resources such as fossil fuels and environmental concerns related to conventional energy sources has made renewable energy sources an attractive option."

Presently we undertake projects to harvest Solar Energy with latest technology of Market leaders like SMA, Zever Solar, Solar Edge and power–one etc.

We are expertise in the area of Grid-Tie & Off-grid Solar Power Plants of capacities ranging from 1KW to 100kw for domestic and commercial Segments.

High Capacity- Mega watt Scale Projects are under floors and is to be taken up in the near future.

With the above Technology we can provide reliable, uninterrupted supply using modern solar appliances which function effectively. We are always committed to assure our best services at all times, we remain.

***Think Solar As Your Life Time Assert ***

OUR MIssion

“To provide best quality products, services, support to our customers which are cost effective also ensuring long term relations by maintaining highest standards and care.”

~~~~Conservation Is Savings~~~

---Not An Expense---

We Welcomes You To Join The Solar Revolutions


solar system in kachipuram

some of our solar residential and commercial installation in kanchipuram